ColorStay Full Cover™ Foundation

1,650.00 ALL

Shade: Nude 200

ColorStay Full Cover Foundation Matte 

Longwear Foundation

The texture of this foundation is sheer and matte without weighing the skin down. It has a high durability and gives you a fresh look both day and night.



Lasts up to 24 hours. This formula is also heat and sweat resistant!
Super lightweight, full coverage and most importantly never cakey.
The foundation leaves a matte finish, yet it spreads smoothly on the skin.
Tube packaging is more practical and easy to use for the customer.
Available in 6 shades

How To Use

Before use, of course, don't forget to moisturize your face so that the full cover foundation becomes one with your skin and the spread is perfect.
Up to two sprays are recommended because it is quite full in texture.
Spreading can also be done with a brush according to the need of coverage in different areas of the skin. And most importantly, this foundation is rebuildable, so you can reapply if you need more coverage anywhere on your skin without any breakouts.